Disaster Recovery Planning.

RPM can help with all phases of disaster recovery preparedness.  An assessment can document the businesses’ current level of preparedness, a new plan can be created, or a modernization of existing plans are all ways RPM will work to give clients a complete DR solution.  Regular testing is crucial to the success of any DR plan.

We Take Security Seriously

There’s a saying in cybersecurity that there are companies that have been hacked and companies that simply don’t know they’ve been hacked. At RPM we take security very seriously and have long determined that the best defense is a good offense. In other words, we set up systems that do not make for easy prey.

Our philosophy

IT security management and a good compliance program go hand in hand. Anyone can turn on Anti-virus and a Firewall, but we know comprehensive security goes far beyond the technology. We incorporate policy and procedures into security management to help ensure effective information security.